Delivery available in ROI and NI only. Orders dispatched within 1-2 days is an online store that is driven by our passion for what is healthy and natural. We deliver cosmetics that will provide your skin with the best nutrients without using a single drop of synthetic chemicals. We have committed to distribute products for a small, family-owned, Bulgarian company named Hristina a company that uses only pure oils, natural butters, minerals and herbal extracts for the production of its cosmetics. Currently, Hristina cosmetics are sold across Europe, Gulf Countries and China. And now, they will also be available in Ireland and Northern Ireland!

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Today's trends

As a result of increased awareness in terms of healthy lifestyle among consumers, the popularity of natural products has grown significantly. More and more people are physically active, consume healthier products and prefer to use natural cosmetics that are based on carefully selected natural ingredients, and we're here to deliver just that!

Our mission

We are dedicated to satisfy the needs of not only those who are looking for high quality natural and mineral products but also those who want to try something new and affordable. As a result, we distribute cosmetics without chemical substances, produced on the basis of herbal ingredients and raw materials found in nature. We stock only the finest natural skincare products, which are kind to the environment and gentle on your skin. No product is tested on animals, ever.

Hristina cosmetics are made for everyday use and can be used by all, women and men (regardless of their age), children and their mothers. We understand that needs of no individual are the same, and for that reason, all cosmetics sold in our store are made for various types of skin, i.e., normal, sensitive or even problematic skin. We are giving you a great opportunity to try wide range of natural products where in each and every jar or bottle, you will find nothing but goodness for your skin and hair.

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Treat your skin with the best by providing it with the mother nature's precious treasures.