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About Hristina

Hristina is a Bulgarian company, which produces 100% natural cosmetics. Cosmetics are prepared by unique production processes passed down from generation to generation. In the course of the production process, water is mixed with pure oils, natural butters and herbal extracts at the appropriate temperature and speed, so that a homogeneous product is created. Its consistency is very similar to the consistency of commercial products sold in cosmetics stores but differs in its natural composition.

About company

Hristina Cosmetics is a small, family-owned company founded in 1997. However, the production of herbal ointments, masks, extracts and shampoos began much earlier as a result of the many requests coming from close relatives and friends. People extremely satisfied with the high-quality cosmetics began to praise and refer them to others, and so, the circle of our satisfied customers began to grow rapidly.

How old are the recipes and where do they come from?

The person responsible for the current production is Mrs. Hristina. She is in possession of old recipes that have been inherited from previous generations. Previously, the cosmetics were produced mainly by Hristina’s great-grandmother. She used the healing properties of herbs and prepared various herb-based ointments. Originally, old Persian recipes come from Dehersan family.

All recipes and production methods are known to family members only. This is to prevent theft or counterfeiting.

Hristina cosmetics are produced in a small family factory in the city of Kostenets, which is located at the foot of the Rila Mountains. This region is well known for its pristine natural beauty and rich mineral springs. As part of our production plant, we also have our own herb house. We are the only cosmetics production company in all of Europe that mixes and prepares their products themselves.

How do we produce cosmetics?

Majority of our products are prepared by hand. The process begins with harvesting and drying of herbs in order to make extracts. Those are then pressed hot or cold, depending on the product being prepared. In the final phase, all the ingredients are mixed together, and the final product is put into the packaging on which we manually place the labels.
At every stage of production, we adhere to specific methods, such as the right amount of heating or cooling as well as the right mixing speed, which are the key factors that ensure the right consistency of the final product.
There are various natural ways to homogenize oil or butter with water. For instance, avocado oil when combined with water, while continuous stirring at a suitable velocity and temperature, will form a homogeneous mixture – without the need for using any chemicals!

What ingredients do we use?

Depending on the product, we would use waxes, oils, essential oils, herbal tinctures, clay or sea salt. The quality of water used is an extremely important factor. We use high-quality spring water from our local mountain springs. Cosmetics line, "Stani Chefs,” uses the natural food flavors that have unusual properties for flavoring. Other product lines contain only essential oils. Formerly, during the production of some products (e.g. lip balms), we used natural food dyes, which we discontinued on the requests of many customers. Currently, the products owe their color to the natural properties of the ingredients used.
When selecting individual ingredients, we commit to using mainly Bulgarian herbs and raw materials. However, we do have many foreign suppliers who supply us with high-quality butters and oils from plants that can not be grown in Bulgaria.

What preservatives do we use?

Again, we use the forces of nature, which give us simple solutions on how to maintain the long freshness of our products. These are, for example, waxes, various essential oils, vitamin E, salts, vegetable acids and certain types of oils. For instance, castor oil is a very strong preservative, and if used, it makes the use of any chemicals redundant.

How is it possible for natural shampoo to foam without the addition of chemicals?

The answer is simple – we use soapwort (Latin: Saponaria officinalis), which is a fragrant flower that has five white to pinkish or red showy petals, each notched and is borne in large clusters in the axils of leaves and at the tip of the stems. Almost everyone who wants to get a natural foam knows this secret. There are of course also other herbs and plants, thanks to which we can get the same effect, for example, soap suds or washing nuts.

Are cosmetics tested?

Each new product is sent to the laboratory where microbiological tests are carried out. When appropriate institutions approve the product to be safe for production and use, it is then registered in the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) database, and the manual production begins.

How is it possible that in each new series, the same products differ in terms of color, consistency or smell?

Everyone knows that there are no flower, tree or grass that look exactly the same. Each plant is unique; it has its strength, as well as its specific fragrance and color. Hence, the same products may differ from one another in color, consistency or smell. It all depends on the herbs, oils, and butters used. These attributes vary depending on whether the temperatures in a given year were high or low. We do not use any stabilizers that would help to maintain the same fragrance, consistency and color. Just as the surrounding nature is unique, our products retain their natural uniqueness.